Bark in the Park 2018


May 10, 2018 at 2:13 am by Wise Tails

On Saturday, May 5th, the fifth annual Bark in the Park event was held in Thousand Oaks, Ca. The event is held at the Conejo Creek North Park and is managed by the Conejo Parks and Recreation District in Ventura County. This a fun and entertaining day for dogs and people alike. Dog lovers can meet service providers and vendors, while other folks can take in the K9 ambience, be outside and stroll around the park and see things they may not see very often. Just about everything dog related can be found at the Bark in the Park event: Dog boarding services, dog medical services, dog-food vendors, dog vitamin and supplement vendors, dog apparel vendors, dog artwork, dog rescues, dog acupuncture services, dog toys and recreation supply vendors, just to name a few. Among the dog related service providers and vendors was the first-time attendee, Wise Tails – A Senior Dog Sanctuary. We had a great day meeting other dog lovers and supporters in the community and being part of a fun and memorable event.

Part of our model at Wise Tails is continually making efforts to transition our seniors from the sanctuary into loving, forever homes. With that in mind, we brought along four of our seniors to the event Saturday. Although none of our senior babies were adopted from the event on Saturday, we feel we accomplished our goal: to raise awareness in the community of our services, as well as how sweet, well behaved, gregarious and full of life so many senior dogs are. Our seniors had a nice day in the park and met many, many dog lovers throughout the afternoon.

One of our seniors, Ziggy, entered the cutest dog contest. Of the 29 contestants entered in the competition, there seemed to be little doubt among the Wise Tails folks (as well as the supportive crowd) in attendance that Ziggy was a clear-cut choice for the blue ribbon. Alas, Ziggy didn’t win. Maybe next year, buddy. It was a fun contest with so many sweet and cute entries. They were all winners.

Entertainment included Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show. The Jump! Team included a three-legged poodle that was wowing the appreciative crowd with somersaults and backflips. The small dog races were also a hit with the kids in the crowd, as well as the face-painting and arts and crafts.

There was one conflicting aspect to the event: among the food and refreshment vendors was a hotdog cart. A hotdog cart at a doggie event? Goodness gracious. There seemed to be an undertone of confusion and concern among some of the attendees, particularly with a group of Dachshunds hanging around the slushy booth. But seriously.. It was a beautiful day and well worth attending next year.