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Gone, But Never Forgotten


Leo is a 12 year old Shepherd mix, weighing 18 pounds. When Leo was found abandoned in the desert he was quite underweight, having experienced some difficult times. He is slowly gaining some weight back and becoming more sure of himself.
Leo has limited sight as well as hearing loss. While Leo has some dementia, he still appears to enjoy taking in morning and afternoon sun, as well as belly rubs, laps, and meal time. Leo is a sweetheart and very loved here at Wise Tails.


Hilda is a 12 year old Chihuahua, weighing six pounds. While Hilda may be small in physical stature, she has a large presence among her peers at Wise Tails. She gets along very well with other dogs and enjoys being petted by humans, although she does need to develop some trust before allowing herself to be picked up.
Hilda is a character and would make a nice companion for someone who is looking for a low-maintenance friend. Hilda does sleep quite a bit, which is just part of her charm.


Cain is a 16-year-old Husky mix, weighing 35 pounds. He is a gentle fellow who enjoys neck rubs and hanging out with his peers. Cain is often found slowly strolling and lying down in the sunshine of the doggie play area.
His soulful eyes tell a story. Unfortunately Cain has gone through some difficult periods of neglect in his life, but hopefully he can enjoy some much needed rest, relaxation and peace in these golden years of his life. He certainly deserves it. He has arthritis in his extremities for which he takes medication.


Charlie is a 12 year old Black Cavalier Spaniel mix who weighs 45 pounds. Charlie came to us with a list of medical issues, including a golf ball sized tumor on his right paw and some smaller tumors on his body, infections in both ears, a heart murmur and a thyroid condition. Charlie has began treatment with our vet team and the hope is Charlie can recover significantly from the majority of these conditions. He is already feeling better a week after arriving to us.
Charlie is a super sweet boy with a very calm disposition. He gets along well with other dogs and people alike. Charlie does spend much of his day napping these days, likely because he is still not feeling all that strong; although he does get a bit of a spring in his step come meal time (he enjoys his meals, no appetite issues with Chaz). We will continue to update on Charlie’s progress with his recovery and ongoing treatment.
If you look up the word “chill” in the dictionary, you just may find a picture of Charlie (if the picture isn’t there, it should be).


Vivian is a 14 year old Corgi mix who weighs 23 pounds. Vivian is blind as well as deaf. She also has kidney disease. Vivian is a very calm and gentle soul, who enjoys the companionship of her Wise Tails’ peers and Wise Tails’ people alike. After a settling in period, Viv now has a good sense of her surroundings. She is very affectionate. Her presence makes the sanctuary feel warm and serene. She is such a blessing to all of us at Wise Tails.


Carlton is a 14 year old Terrier mix, who weighs 23 lbs. Carlton came to Wise Tails from the shelter, after being picked up as a stray. Unfortunately Carlton has some medical issues, including the recurrence of a malignant tumor on his hind leg and arthritis in his front limbs. Carlton is as gentle a soul as any dog we have met and just a pleasure to care for. He is very loved. Our goal is to keep Carlton as comfortable as possible during his remaining time and try to minimize his pain. He is a real sweetheart.


This here is James Earl Bones (JEB), AKA “Bonesy”. Bonesy is a 12 year old Beagle mix who weighs 23 lbs. Bonesy is such a sweet, funny little guy. While Bonesy does have some dementia, that doesn’t stop him from having such a profound, positive impact on everyone around him, K-9 and humans alike. Throughout the day, he prances around the rescue area, often stopping to commiserate with a peer or human friend. Bonesy is a friendly, carefree fellow and he is very loved by all. Aside from the dementia symptoms, Bonesy is a pretty healthy 12 year old and we are looking forward to his prancing-presence at Wise Tails for some time to come!


Maggie, 13 year old Cocker Spaniel. Maggie came to us from a shelter, where she was on a path to euthanasia. Maggie was not well when she arrived and has been nursed back to health over the past three months. Maggie is a Wise Tails‘ social butterfly and always one of the first to greet visitors and staff. She is a character and loves to seek attention.