There will be another song for me

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April 25, 2018 at 8:46 pm by Wise Tails

There will be another song for me

For I will sing it

There will be another dream for me

Someone will bring it.

–  MacArthur Park

Anyone who has spent any time in a shelter, walked the rows of cages and seen the faces inside, believes they know what these dogs are thinking. We believe many of the dogs are thinking “Today. Please let there be a loving family to take me home today”. Dogs that have known the happiness of being part of a caring, compassionate environment likely dream of the day when they may know this happiness again; when they may be rescued from their current caged existence to the safety and love within a home.

For the unfortunates that have never known love, or the happiness of being part of a family, can we truly project what these dogs are thinking? Their experiences are as varied as the shapes and sizes of the breeds. Perhaps living inside a cage in a shelter is a relief from a physically abusive existence they knew somewhere else. To these dogs, we hope for them to know what it is to receive love and to be cared for. For the dogs that may have been part of a family once, we wish them the opportunity to know love again.

It is understood that a potential adoptee’s age is often a significant factor in the selection process. Whether a dog is 13 weeks or 13 years old, all dogs deserve to be loved and to know happiness. Their life experiences may be vastly different; however their wants and needs are the same. Adopting a shelter dog is an excellent way of providing peace and love to a well deserving, future friend; who will express his/her gratitude in a multitude of sweet ways. Shelter dogs make wonderful, loyal companions. There is a story in their soulful eyes.