Our Vision

One Day at a Time.

12-step programs have used this fundamental approach to life for decades and countless people have benefitted from the concept. At a glance, this statement appears simple and direct. Upon further review, there is a brilliance to its understated method: Live each day to the fullest; stay in the present, paying attention to the moment; do not focus on things in the future, many of which will likely never happen. Dogs possess a wonderful way of being in the moment. They do not worry about the future or what may have happened yesterday. The most important thing in a dog’s life can be the ball they are fetching or the bird flying overhead. There are so many things that humans can learn from dogs, not the least of which being the value of living in the moment.

At Wise Tails, we believe that by treating senior dogs with the love and care they deserve we can honor their lives, one day at a time. All dogs value being loved, and seniors are no different. They appreciate and embrace friendship, compassion and caring. With age they may become less energetic and more low-key in nature, yet seniors continue to be wonderful companions capable of receiving and giving love on a deep and profound level, one day at a time.

We can take the “one day a time” approach a step further by breaking it down into “one moment at a time”. Those moments when a senior dog can be held, caressed and treated with compassion, even for just a few minutes. The love given in those moments is often reciprocated 10-fold.

Seniors make wonderful companions and are very worthy of adoption. They are full of surprises and their loyalty will grow with each passing year. Those that have had the experience will often share that there is a different level of satisfaction that comes with adopting a senior. While their advanced age does lend itself to health issues, the dedication and compassion needed in caring for a senior will often strengthen the bond between you and your companion. We at Wise Tails encourage anyone deciding to bring a dog into their life to look at seniors when considering adoption. The decision could provide years of happiness “one day at a time.”